A Wallet For Everyone - SGPay

SGPay taps into the US$12 billion e-payments industry in South-East Asia. Manage your virtual currencies like Bitcoin, make e-payments via your credit cards and shop online- all in a single platform.


Main-contribution starts Mar 1, 2018








Pre-Contribution 76% SOLD.

8M SGPay Tokens Available for Main Event 1st to 31st March.


SGPay Work In Progress (WIP)

11 Feb 2018 - Our First Facebook LIVE AMA

Earn. Spend. Play.

Purchase Bitcoin, make e-payments, rent a bike, buy movie tickets and shop online. All in a single app.


Ease Of Use

Buy, sell and manage your cryptocurrencies on-the-go. SGPay provides 24/7 real-time portfolio tracking on mobile.


Payments Ecosystem

Make payments using fiat currencies as well as cryptocurrencies at participating merchant outlets.


Greater Diversity

SGPay supports more cryptocurrencies than other local e-wallets. This allows you to diversify your portfolio and reduce risk.


Integrated Rewards System

Earn reward points while shopping on our partner online mall. No gimmicks, expiry dates and lengthy T&Cs.

Harnessing the Booming Mobile Payments Field in Asia

SGPay will be riding on 2 significant uptrends – the exploding mobile payments market and the emerging cryptocurrency market. By using Singapore as its base, SGPay will expand outwards to the greater Southeast Asia region, reaching tens of millions of new users.

Asia Pacific leading the adoption
of mobile payments since 2012

Mobile payment users (in millions)
Source: Gartner

Mobile payment users (in millions)
Source: Gartner

Mobile payments in Southeast Asia scheduled
to grow beyond US$30 billion by 2021

Mobile payments (in billions of dollars)
Source: Euromonitor International

Target Number Of Active Users











Key Features

Crypto Transactions

Local e-wallet with the most number of supported cryptocurrencies.

Stored Balance

Easily transfer fiat balances between you and other users.

Card Payments

Automatically earn reward points when you pay using our platform.

Big Partnerships

We will be working with leading firms in all verticals to give consumers the best options for services.

Secure Wallet

Enjoy peace of mind with multiple inbuilt safeguards.

Biometric Verification

Easily and securely sign-in using fingerprint identification.

QR Code Payments

Make payments simple and easily accessible for everyone.

Online Mall

SGPay will integrate our key merchant partner to form a holistic ecosystem.

SGPay Future Integrations



A built-in innovative rewards platform where reward points are monetized



Bringing debt and token fund-raising together

SGPay Token Attributes & Utility

Our Token has been designed from the ground up to protect and grow with our initial supporters. Many advantageous traits have been built into the token design.

Utility Token (Rewards)

Be rewarded for holding our tokens with lower transactional fees for buying and selling cryptocurrencies on our wallet.

Utility Token (Transactional)

Use SGPay Tokens alongside other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for payments or transfers.

Limited Supply

Only a maximum of 10 million tokens will be made available to the public.

Bargain Initial Market Cap

SGPay Token’s initial price will give it a low market cap of less than US$4.8m. This provides a great upside potential for early adopters.


Regulatory Friendly

Our tokens are classified as utility tokens as they do not provide rights, dividends or liabilities typically associated with shareholders. This provides legal protection for token holders.

Alignment of Interests

The company stakeholders are largely compensated in terms of tokens. Therefore, there is great incentive to increase the underlying token asset value.

No Inflation

There will be no more new tokens issued after our token generation event is concluded.


No Extra Tokens

All unsold tokens from our Token Generation Event will be burnt.

SGPay Token Generation Event

Public Supply
Team Supply


Based on Live Ethereum Prices; Price will be fixed on day before Main Contribution Period

Token Name:  SGPay Token [SGP]
Total Supply: Up to 13.8 million
Total Public Supply: Up to 10 million
Pre-Contribution Period:  1st Feb to 14th Feb 2018
Pre-Contribution Supply: 2 million tokens @ US$0.40 each
Main Contribution Period:  1st Mar to 31st Mar 2018
Main Contribution Supply:  8 million tokens @ US$0.50 each
Soft Cap:  US$0.8 million or 735 Ether
Implied Market Cap:  Up to US$4.8 million
Minimum Contribution: 1 ETH
Maximum Contribution: 100 ETH
Accepted Currencies:  Ether (ETH)
KYC/Whitelisting:  Yes

*For institutional/large orders, please email hello@sgpay.org*


To date, a six figure sum has been spent on developmental & operational costs. Proceeds from the token event will be used to expand our operational capabilities over the next 5 years.

Based on Full Allocation


Based on Full Allocation


Target Proceeds

US$4,800,000 (S$6,420,000)

Developmental Costs

US$2,000,000 (S$2,675,000) to upgrade and enhance SGPay security & feature set.

Marketing Costs

US$1,400,000 (S$1,872,500) for marketing and promoting SGPay to the general public.

Operational Costs

US$1,400,000 (S$1,872,500) for licenses, salaries, rental and other miscellaneous costs.

Thinking Long Term

We aim to generate capital through our revenue streams. This includes cryptocurrency transaction fees, partnerships and licensing revenue.

Supporting Local Chains

SGPay aims to be the first wallet in the region to support local blockchain technologies on top of global cryptocurrencies.

National Cryptocurrency

SGPay tokens will come very close to becoming a national cryptocurrency. We aim to be easily relatable to locals around the region.

Team & Advisors

Our team & advisors have extensive experiences and track records in business, blockchain tech, marketing and payment solutions operations. Not all team members are featured on this page. If you would like to join us and help bring our vision to life, reach us at hello@sgpay.org

Click/Hover over team faces to view profiles.

Deng Guangyuan

Entrepreneur with over 8 years of experience in various industries. Managing Director of 3 start-ups.

John Lim

Lead Strategic Development
Founder of Unibly, a technology startup, and former program manager for various start-up accelerators.

Sufi Yusof

Lead Business Development
Founder of various start-ups and business manager for both Beamworks and Asia Coders.

Bryan Ho

Lead Marketing Development
Experienced entrepreneur with strong expertise in digital marketing and customer relationship management.

Vishal Maheshwari

Lead Platform Development
A seasoned professional with more than 7 years experience in developing enterprise solutions for platforms.

Sumit Rajput

Blockchain Developer
A blockchain programmer with over 3 years of experience in Solidity coding.

Sanjeevi Acharya

UI/UX Designer
Sanjeevi has deep experience in helping platforms design a more seamless interface and creating an excellent user experience.

Rolf Haudenschild

A Swiss qualified lawyer who currently runs his own compliance practice. Strong legal and regulatory background.

Christel Quek

Co-founder at BOLT global and CMO of Zilliqa – the next-generation high throughput blockchain platform

Ankur Maheshwari

A technologist at heart who believes innovation is the key to success. Has great experience setting up entire engineering and product teams.

Farhan Firdaus

General Manager at Agrivo. Former COO for FDC Dental Group and Representative of Singapore to the European Union (EU).

Joelle Pang

Head of Regional Business Development at SPH Digital and FastJobs Asia. Successfully exited several start-ups at multi-million dollar valuations.

Jenna Park

Founder of Pulse9 Studio which specialises in AI technologies in chatbots, statistics and data analysis. Adjunct Professor in MBA Graduate School in aSSIST.



Keen to work with us? We work with big corporations, Small Medium Enterprises as well as technology partners for synergistic partnerships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SGPay?

SGPay is a 3rd generation payments system built for the mobile platform. It aims to combine blockchain technology, a plethora of service providers and next generation e-payment systems – all in a single platform.

When will the Token Generation Event (TGE) start and how long will it last?

Our pre-contribution period for the TGE will start on the 1st of Feb and end on the 14th of Feb. Our main contribution period will be from the 1st of March to the 31st of March. If all tokens are sold out, the event will be concluded before the deadline. At any time after our soft cap of US$800,000 is reached, the team can choose to conclude the token event and not proceed with the main token event.

What will be the price of SGP tokens?

Pre-Contribution Period: US$0.40 [20% discount]

Main Contribution Period: US$0.50

How to participate in the SGP Token Event?

Enter your email address in the first page to start the process of getting whitelisted. Each participant will have their personal account with a step-by-step instruction on how to buy SGP tokens.

Can I send ETH from an exchange to the token wallet?

No, you cannot. Sending ETH from an exchange to the token wallet will result in your ETH being lost. You must send ETH from any Ethereum wallet: MyEtherWallet (no download needed), MetaMask (no download needed), Parity (Desktop), Mist (Desktop) among others.

What if not all SGP tokens are sold at the Token Event?

If the soft cap is not reached by the end of the main token event, all contributions will be refunded. If the soft cap is reached but the hard cap is not reached, all unsold tokens will be destroyed.

What is your public Ethereum wallet contribution address?

We will only post our public Ethereum address once the contribution period has started. Beware of scams and or people claiming to be from SGPay. Only reply to emails from hello@sgpay.org

What is SGP?

SGP refers to the SGPay Token which is a utility token based on Ethereum blockchain technology. Such Ethereum-based tokens can be used as a unit of account between merchants, affiliates and networks in a blockchain-based network. SGP is neither a security nor a commodity.

What is the total amount of SGP tokens issued?

The total tokens issued will not be more than 13,800,000. Total tokens allocated for the public are only at 10,000,000. No new tokens will ever be issued after the token event is concluded. The supply for our tokens is kept small to prevent devaluation.

Which payment methods will be accepted in the Token Event?

You can purchase SGP tokens with ETH. To participate in the Token Event, you will need to be whitelisted and follow the instructions thereafter.

What are the minimum and maximum buying transactions?

The Token Event will accept minimum contributions of 1 ETH and maximum contributions of 100 ETH.

For institutional/larger orders than 100 ETH, please email us at hello@sgpay.org

Where can contributors see their token event balance?


Tokens which are obtained by contributors can be viewed in the balance located on the user page or in your wallet. Our tokens will be distributed automatically to your chosen ERC compliant wallet after you have sent your Ether. You can view your SGP token balance by adding a token with the parameters as indicated below:

SGP Smart Contract Address: 0x33c623a2baafeb8d15dfaf3ce44095efec83d72c

Number of Digits: 18

Symbol: SGP


Are SGP tokens securities?

Based on the steps we have taken and the nature of our token which was built in accordance with our compliance advisers, SGP tokens will not be considered securities. They do not give dividends, represent a share of the issuer company, nor give any voting rights. We are continuously monitoring the evolving regulations in Singapore in the event of any changes.

Why is there a cap on maximum purchases for your tokens?

As the number of tokens we are putting up for purchase are limited compared to other projects, we aim to maximise the number of participants who can take part in our token event. Nonetheless, if you desire to place a larger order than the indicated maximum value caps for our project, do drop us an email at hello@sgpay.org

When would your tokens be listed on exchanges?

The team is targeting a listing on exchanges within a month after the end of the main token event.